The Bridges of Königsberg

Eyal and Ines Weizman

Based on one of the greatest problems in the history of mathematics, this game takes place on a model of 18th century Königsberg in Prussia, now the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad. The River Pregel breaks the city into several land areas connected by seven bridges. The mathematical connundrum and by extension the aim of the game, is — starting at the central Island — to move through the city, crossing every bridge only once and ending back where you began. Immanuel Kant, Königsberg’s most famous resident, walked this path daily while conceiving of his “critiques”, but in 1735 Leonhard Euler had already shown the problem unsolvable. His demonstration paved the way to the invention of the mathematics of topology and networks theory. The problem was temporarily solved by the RAF in WWII when it demolished two bridges.