EM15 is a collective from the East Midlands region of the UK comprising of Beacon Art Project, One Thoresby Street, QUAD and New Art Exchange (Executive Producer). This project is produced in association with the Academic Partners – Nottingham Trent University and The University of Nottingham, and the Digital Engagement Partner – Horizon, The University of Nottingham.

The aim of EM15 is to inspire a new generation of artists, curators and audiences, to represent diverse cultures and perspectives, and to create long-lasting impacts for the arts ecology in the Midlands and throughout the UK.

The Leisure Principle is the curatorial theme driving EM15’s premiere presentation at La Biennale di Venezia. The Leisure Principle considers the concept of tourism and trade as a metaphor to explore current global economic complexities through one of the defining principles of leisure; that of consumption and how this consumption shapes our identity. This is manifested through two newly commissioned artistic outputs: the participatory artwork Doug Fishbone’s Leisure Land Golf and Sunscreen – an online project that explores the blurred space that exists between work and leisure.

Visitors to the EM15 venue will be invited to take part in Doug Fishbone’s Leisure Land Golf, a fully playable, artist-designed miniature golf course in which nine artists have been commissioned to design a golf hole in response to the theme.

Audiences will be guided seamlessly through the interior and exterior spaces of EM15’s venue – a boat-yard leading down to the canal. Experiential encounters with the mini golf course will explore the histories and relationships – both real and imagined – between work, leisure, colonialism, tourism, information and economics.

Leisure Land Golf is a distillation of notions of consumerism and leisure as practiced at both the highest and lowest socio-economic levels. As a working-class inflection of a sport generally associated with the affluent, miniature golf serves as a unique platform for discussion of such themes. The condensed, packaged version of golf offered up in miniature, with its associations with tacky sea-side holidays, sits strangely comfortably in the modern Venetian cityscape, a mix of well-heeled and mass-market holiday makers, a water-side tourist trap spilling over with baubles, a city bursting with unparalleled cultural riches.


Sunscreen is an online project by artist Candice Jacobs that includes the work of 40 artists invited by Jacobs and the EM15 partnership, each with a connection to the East Midlands.

Artists have been invited to create new digital works, each of which is distributed as a free downloadable screensaver. Sunscreen highlights issues around the distribution and consumption of digital artworks and the space that exists between work and leisure – a space of the subconscious shaping of our tastes, aspirations, desires, notions of escapism and value systems.

“Serious artistic intent, wonderful curation of artists, but best of all – something everyone wanted to visit and explore, including families and Venice locals” Sir Peter Bazalgette

Launch Event & Venue Opening Times

Launch Event: Thursday 7th May 2015, 5 – 7pm

Previews for Press and Arts Professionals: Wednesday 6th May to Friday 8th May 2015

Open to the public: Saturday 9th May 2015 – Sunday 26th July 2015

Opening times: Tuesday – Sunday, 10am – 6pm (closed Mondays)