Putting A Hole In The Wall

Yara El-Sherbini

Yara El-Sherbini continues to use play as a mode to explore social and political contentions. Putting A Hole In The Wall invites players to navigate their golf ball through a series of inflexible and concrete-clad checkpoints, boundaries and border controls in a bid to finally putt the ball through the division wall. El-Sherbini replicates various aspects of the day-to-day reality within contested territories under occupation. This allows the player an almost birds eye view of how an area has been strategically designed, exploring separation barriers as a historical and universal means to control and limit the movement of people worldwide.

El-Sherbini’s playful interdisciplinary practice uses popular culture and humour to engage audiences into questioning social and political systems of power and influence. She appropriates familiar objects, games and social events, to invite audiences to take a look at the society that they live in, often revealing underlying belief systems, drawing audiences into a series of questions that ask ‘how do we come to know what it is that we know’.

El-Sherbini is represented by La Caja Blanca www.lacajablanca.com and is an Artsadmin Associate Artist.